Sunday, June 30, 2013

These stars must have been doing community service...

I love to watch YouTube, especially when I'm bored.  Last night, I happened to stumble across a hilarious After School Special that aired in 1989.  It stars several well-known teen stars of my generation, most of whom were known drug users back in the day...

It's called 15 and Getting Straight and it stars Tatum O'Neal, Drew Barrymore, Corey Feldman, and David Birney.  1989 was right around the time Drew Barrymore was herself "getting straight" after her well-publicized drug and alcohol addiction.  I remember reading her book, Little Girl Lost, which was published around the time this film came out.  Too bad it's not available now.

I actually watched most of this film last night... and damn, it made me feel simultaneously old and incredulous.

Another anti-drug film starring stars who were well known druggies back in the day is called Shattered: If Your Kids Are On Drugs.

It stars Judd Nelson and Burt Reynolds.  This is part one... It was made in 1986.

I have to wonder if forcing stars to do these kinds of PSA type films is really effective.  I read Loni Anderson's autobiography and she is quite explicit about Burt Reynolds and his drug use.  That book was published in 1995, so I'm thinking forcing Burt to do this film with another actor he'd probably never otherwise do a movie with had zero effect on curbing his love of weed.

That first film, though, was just loaded with anti-drug propaganda.  Back in my days as a teen, the Straight and SAFE programs were all the rage.  If you read up on them, you can see how their model influenced these films.

Another popular 80s era film is Not My Kid.  

Not My Kid stars Viveka Davis, George Segal, Stockard Channing, and Nancy Cartwright (aka Bart Simpson).

Yes, this was on prime time TV back when I was a teenager.  No Leave It To Beaver or Brady Bunch for my generation.

In 1994, Jennie Garth starred in a film called Without Consent.  It's about abusive teen help facilities for druggies...  I was 22 when this one aired, but I remember it well.

This was also called Trapped and Deceived in some areas.

I don't think Jennie Garth was into drugs, but this film belongs in the genre.

And this is a classic film from 1982 called Desperate Lives.  It stars a young Helen Hunt!  The most entertaining scene involves her taking a flying leap out of a second story window while loaded on crank!  That scene alone makes this movie worth seeing.

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